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Title: ROBMMOR: An experimental robotic manipulator for motor rehabilitation of knee
Keywords: Mecatrónica
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Universidad Tecnológica del Centro de Veracruz
Abstract: "Nowadays, the role of robotics in patients’ rehabilitation it is an area of interest for science and technological development. Besides, the motor reha- bilitation has had great success in subjects with disability problems which require an intensive and specific therapeutic approach for each task through robots. Budgetary constraints limit to hand-to-hand therapy approach, so machines can offer a solution to further promote patient recovery and to better understand the rehabilitation process. This article presents a ROBMMOR: an experimental ro- botic manipulator of knee rehabilitation. The robot is capable of performing pas- sive exercises in patients with motor movement problems in the knee. The ro- bot’s system helps the patient in the process in a personalized way through the positions of speed and strength required. Finally, ROBMMOR obtains data and generates an evaluation of the progress of the patient's rehabilitation that helps the therapist for future analysis."
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